An absence will be determined to be excused if it meets one of the following criteria:      

1.                  Illness of a student, documented by a licensed physician, mental health professional,

or health department employee attesting to the illness, infection with a communicable

disease, or injury to the child;

2.                  A copy of a funeral notice or obituary accompanied by a note from the parent/guardian

indicating death in the family;

3.                  A written statement from a lawyer or representative of the court system indicating the child was absent due to a legal or judicial proceeding;

4.                  Written information documenting a religious activity that occurs during the time that school is in session which required an absence for religious instruction or religious holiday.  Prior approval is required;

5.                  A student may be excused from school for a maximum of 5 days per year if the parent writes a note documenting the illness.


Written documentation of one of the above reasons for absence must accompany the student to school within 2 days following the absence in order to be considered excused.  Phone calls in lieu of a note will not be acceptable.