Helpful Hints:

Each year numerous articles of clothing are left at school.  Many children cannot identify what they have lost.  It is imperative that all clothing, including backpacks and lunch boxes, be labeled with your child’s full name and grade.  If items are lost, they will be placed in the lost and found box located in the cafeteria.
  • Money sent for various purposes should be placed in sealed, marked envelopes.  Checks should be made payable to Lake Butler Elementary School.
  • Please update your Skyward account if your address or phone number changes.  Be sure you list your 911 address along with your mailing address on Skyward. 
  • Please contact the teacher, and share with him/her any information that will assist in meeting your child’s needs.
  • Students will be allowed to use the phone only in case of an emergency.  Issues relating to homework, field trip permission, riding another bus home, etc… should be arranged prior to the child’s arrival at school.
  • It would be inappropriate for Lake Butler Elementary School students to bring cell phones to school.  Students’ use of cell phones during school hours is strictly prohibited.
  • ALL library fines on lost or damaged books MUST BE PAID before a student may participate in any grade level field trips.
  • The school provides supervision during a reasonable time (30 minutes) before and after a pupil is on the premises for attendance at school or for authorized participation in a school-sponsored activity.  Students and parents should not rely on additional supervision.  Fl. Statute 232.25.