Notes From The School Nurse:

Every effort is made to send sick students home immediately.  Information on the emergency card helps us locate parents, or another appropriate adult, to pick up a student.  Sick students must be signed out in the office.  Students with a contagious illness will be allowed to return to school only after receipt of a physician’s note.  If your child requires prescription medication during the school day, the parent/guardian must bring the medication in its original pharmacy issued container which will be issued by the school nurse according to label.  If your child is in need of a non-prescription medication (Tylenol, Benadryl, etc.) this medication must be delivered to the school nurse in its’ original factory container with a reason, time needed to be taken (day, hour) and a signature by parent/guardian.  No medications may be kept in the classroom in the student or teacher’s possession.

One week of each school year, we will be conducting health screenings for all 1st and 3rd graders.  This screening includes:  vision, hearing, height, and weight checks.  Blood pressure checks are also taken of all third grade students.

In order to protect all children, routine observations of students’ hair will be made by the school nurse to detect head lice.  If a child is found to have head lice, the school nurse will call the parent and the student will be required to go home.  It is the parents’ responsibility to treat the child and clean the home so that any lice may be killed.  After treating the child’s head, all nits must be removed from the child’s hair.  After treatment, the parent must present a note either from the Public Health Department, or a licensed physician stating that they have been treated.  The school nurse will then make the determination that the child is nit free and may be re-admitted to school.