Student Dress Code:

The following guidelines are provided to help assure that your child is properly dressed for school each day.

1.         Comfortable and appropriate clothing should be worn.  Expensive clothing is not appropriate due to the very active nature of young children and the many art activities that we do every day.


2.         Students should wear comfortable shoes suitable for participating in all physical education activities and at recess.


3.         Tube tops, halter tops or spaghetti straps are not allowed. All shirt straps must be at least 2 inches across.


4.         No hats, caps, scarves or bandanas may be worn in the classroom, cafeteria or inside any school facilities by either boys or girls.


5.         Clothing with inappropriate words/logos will not be allowed.  These may include: wrestling, suggestive, offensive, or obscene logos. Logos related to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco that are generally disrespectful and/or negative nature will not be allowed.


6.         If girls chose to wear dresses to school, they should wear shorts under their dress during physical education activities and recess. 


7.         Clothing which exposes the midriff or back are not permitted.


8.         All shorts, skirts and dresses that are more than 4 inches above the top of the kneecap are prohibited.


9.         Administrators, teachers and other staff are not responsible for the repair or replacement of students’ clothing, which may be damaged during the course of the regular day activities (i.e., paint on clothing while doing art projects, torn clothing from normal play at recess, clothing accidentally cut by student during an art activity, etc…)


The decision of school administration will be final in determining whether any student’s clothing is or is not appropriate.