Visitors/Volunteers At School:

Volunteers are always welcome at our school.  One way for you to be actively involved in your child’s education is to volunteer in his/her classroom.  Please check with your child’s teacher regarding his/her need for volunteers and an appropriate schedule. OUR CONCERN FOR EACH CHILD’S SAFETY DICTATES THAT WE REQUIRE ALL VISITORS AND VOLUNTEERS TO CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE BEFORE GOING TO ANY CLASSROOM.

Visitors will receive a sticker identifying them as a guest on our campus.  This will be a sticker that you must wear on your clothing so that all staff at Lake Butler Elementary School is aware that you have checked in at the office and “sign out”.  We call this our “Get Spotted at School” program!  As a reminder, you will notice Get Spotted” posters around school.

WE APPRECIATE YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF OUR ATTEMPT TO MONITOR ALL VISITORS TO OUR CAMPUS!  All parents/volunteers must fill out a volunteer form as required by the Jessica Lunsford Act.  Parents should fill out the form regardless of whether or not they volunteer regularly.